Grosvenor Building Glasgow

One of the biggest issues facing developers of historic buildings in cities is the discreet integration of today’s demands for disabled access, modern security and access control systems into buildings being given a new lease of life through modernisation and development.

Grosvenor BuildingAt DSS, our design team and engineers have decades of knowledge and expertise in meeting these needs without compromising the integrity of the building's history and visual impact.

This can involve making contemporary technical solutions fit hand-in-glove with the traditional, or it can be making the technical solution invisible, thereby not impacting on the original building feature at all. The Grosvenor was an example of the former, making a bold interpretation of a glass and stainless steel entrance that was both secure and automatic.

The combination of automatic operation, excellent security and minimal visual impact swing door operators met the brief perfectly. The DSS 950, linked to the building security system, gives peace of mind to the occupants and reception staff combined. The FDS 950 swing door operator can be fitted to all glass doors and transoms making the integration of technology and design another element the designer has at their disposal. DSS specialises in the installation of as near invisible solutions as technically possible, making the door and its operational equipment a part of the design, not simply a bolt-on afterthought.


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